Automotive Metal Restoration


A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd has a very good reputation as a restorer of car and motorcycle chrome parts including chrome – or chromium – plated, nickel plated, plastic, steel, alloy, aluminium or stainless steel parts.

Our services are provided from our workshops at Lonsdale in Southern Adelaide and utilised by serious car and bike restorers Australia-wide, including many show winners, car and bike club members and other enthusiasts who simply care about quality chroming of their car or motorcycle parts.

Preserve, enhance, protect…

As they say “they don’t make cars (or motorcycles) like they used to”. Preservation of originality is important to many of our customers, particularly enthusiasts who show their vehicles. It can be important to them to have the support and expertise of expert craftsmen to ensure the best possible results. We know how much work goes into a full restoration and we aim to ensure our role in your project delivers long lasting and quality results.
A Class is familiar with traditional methods for chrome plating as well as newer technologies for pre-treating or finishing and can utilise all these to complete a job to the standards you require.  We also offer genuine chrome plating of plastic parts which offers a wide scope of enhancement alternatives for custom makeover projects.

A Class Metal Restoration and Surface Finishing Services:

• Stripping of old plating, paint or rust

• Painting and Lacquering

• Polishing or re-polishing of surfaces

• Dent removal (in conjunction with surface restoration)

• Surface repairs and re-building

• Chromium alternatives – e.g. colour chrome, metallic spray finishing or painting

• Chrome plating (chroming) of plastic parts

• Electroplating in finishes including Chrome; Nickel; Copper; Gold; other (on all metal and plastic substrates)

• Treatments for successfully plating DIE-CAST (otherwise known as pot metal – a problematic material which is very prone to plating failures like peeling or blistering)

• Grinding, bead blasting, cleaning and other surface treatments