Electroplaters – Experience counts

May 14, 2010Uncategorized

A Class Metal Finishers employs several electroplaters with varying degrees of knowledge or experience. Some are “home grown” (taught on the job), others have come to the company trained or qualified in previous roles. In all cases, because A Class is such a diverse operation, it is necessary to expose each plater to, and train them in, the “idiosyncracies” of the company’s particular set of operations. Over time, each plater becomes more skilled and knowledgeable as they learn the variety of processes by “doing” them. With processes ranging from decorative Chrome or gold plating to functional coatings, or the now popular ’satin’ finishes, up to date skills and knowledge of many plating processes are a must.

Electroplaters – Experience counts

Plating in process

In South Australia (where A Class operates), there is no longer a “trade training school” as such to support the learning of this rare trade skill. This requires that the company keep an internal focus on developing skills and overcoming skills gaps. The team of platers are supported and mentored by A Class’s own “experts”. All in all, the ‘home grown’ approach to training seems to deliver results. “We could not offer such a diverse range of electroplating services without a good skills base. We are really pleased at the way our platers continually rise to new learning challenges.” says Phil Wood, Operations Manager (Plating).

A Class also reports that it is important to have documented procedures and instructions to support each process and the electroplaters who use them.