Electropolishing – An alternative for Stainless Steel polishing

Jul 26, 2010Uncategorized

Electropolishing is and “Electrolytic” process (like in “electroplating”).  How it works is almost the reverse of electroplating. The job is placed in an “electrolyte” solution and anodically charged with electric current.  The effect is that  burrs and scratches, belt lines or other imperfections in the stainless steel surface metal are removed, smoothed or refined.  In some cases other metal materials can be electro-polished, depending on the process set up. Electropolishing can be a more cost effective option than using manual labour to polish the parts.

The electrolyte is a liquid solution containing various mineral acids.  Depending on the purpose, the contents of the electrolyte may contain varying amounts of chromic acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and/or several others.  Thus, the solution should be handled with care and safety precautions and processing of parts only performed by trained or qualified personnel.

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