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Commercial Plating or Polishing Job Examples

Some examples of products or components we have plated or finished for commercial customers and manufacturers:

Tapware Manufacturers: – chrome, gold or satin finishes for taps, handles, faucets, handrails, shower fittings and other plumbing hardware.

Manufacturers of spa & pool fittings: – chrome plating or gold plating of Pool & Spa Fittings

Electronics and Communications Equipment Manufacturers: – Tin plating, electroless nickel plating or high purity silver plating of electrical or electronic contacts, fittings and components, antenna components, heat sinks, more

Architects & Designers: – architectural fittings, hinges, light fittings, custom signage, custom sculptures, custom shop fittings in often in finishes such as chrome, satin chrome, gold or bronze

General Engineers, Fabricators & Agricultural Industry: – plating or metal polishing of a range of all types of hardware or components as one-offs or production runs including items such as brackets, rails, tubes, racks, etc.

Marine Industry: – electro-polishing of stainless steel winches and boat fittings

Defence & Aerospace Industry: – a variety of components such as reflectors, housings, electronics, other, in finishes like tin, electroless nickel or high purity silver or high purity gold

Automotive Industry: – metal polishing and/or chrome plating of custom motorcycle wheels or parts, chrome plating of moulded ABS plastic badges, polishing of truck grille surrounds

Toolmakers & Injection Moulders: – electroless nickel plating of injection moulding dies or a variety of other tooling components

Mining Industry: – electroless nickel plating of shafts, impellers, drill bits and machinery components. We have even gold plated shovels and drill bits used for special awards in this industry.

Hotels & Restaurants: – re silver plating of silverware, cutlery and serving ware, polishing of brass serving ware or door furniture, re gold plating of hotel bathroom fittings.

Art & Craft industries: – coating or finishing of sculptures, design prototypes and unusual items often in florentine bronze (a copper finish), or precious metal decorative coatings such as gold or silver.

Food processing industry: – polishing of stainless steel kitchen fittings or food manufacturing devices, re tin plating of pots and pans (cookware)

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Business to Business with A Class

The process for dealing with A Class if you are a Manufacturer or Commercial customer is slightly different from the process for Private and Restoration customers.
To obtain a quotation for commercial plating or polishing we ask that you complete a form to help us gather the necessary information we need to provide you an accurate quote. Download Customer request for quotation form.
Further information about how we price our work is available on the Plating and Finishing Pricing & Quotes page.

A Class is quality certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Please email us if you need to request a copy of our certificate for your files. AU641-QC_ISO_9001_2008_Certification_A-Class
Info For Manufacturers

Commercial customers and manufacturers may apply to open an account with us for billing purposes (subject to approval criteria). Download commercial account application form.