Gold Plating for industry (not just for Jewellery!)

Mar 4, 2010Uncategorized

Gold Plating can “Bling up” your Car and Motorcycle parts!
I once saw a Barbecue that had a gold plated lid!! Now that’s extravagant, or so I thought, until one day while surfing the web I came across a pic of a car that was largely gold plated! Just goes to show – different people have different tastes and desires (as well as budgets!!).

We have been asked to gold plate some unusual things over the years. Common ones are baby shoes, golf balls or other sports memorabilia. It’s a bit tricky to gold plate non metal items but it can be done (and is becoming easier for A Class due to advancements we are making in our process R&D!).

When it comes to metal items there are not usually any problems other than whether you have a gold plating tank big enough (like for a car body??)

We are seeing more customers now looking to do something different for their car or bike. Sometimes its gold wheels or gold plated door handles. One guy had all the structural fittings in his engine bay plus all external handles and fittings gold plated. The car was a deep green colour and the gold looked spectacular against it!

But that’s not all. Gold plating has many uses in industry and manufacturing and it’s not all about jewellery! Gold plating also has uses in electronics and communications. See our page on functional gold plating for more information.

A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd would be delighted to assist you make your gold plated dreams come true! Haha – have a great day!