High Purity Gold Plating in Electronics

Mar 4, 2010Uncategorized

Gold plating can be used in electronics and high tech products for creating superior corrosion resistance and conductivity enhancement. The gold plating process used is known as “high purity gold plating”. This process ensures as high as possible purity of the gold deposit on the surface for maximum performance. The gold coating behaves like a filter for conduction of sound and current more smoothly. High purity Silver has similar conductive properties and is often used in Radio Frequency applications.

Examples of electronic items often gold plated are – sound system parts, antenna parts, computer connections and adapters, computer internals, communication devices, and so on.

I recently bought a new TV and to connect it to other devices I was sold a HDMI cable that had gold plated connections. Whilst I could have bought a standard nickel plated one, I was advised that the gold plated version is highly recommended for best performance of the communications equipment.

The look of high purity gold plating is a dull, deep yellow. Unlike decorative gold plating which is bright and somewhat harder wearing. Because of the softness of high purity gold plating it is not recommended for surfaces which will be subject to high wear.

A good plater can ensure the gold plating process is performed properly. It is also advisable to seek advice from your plating service supplier at the product design stage to ensure good planning and maximum benefit from the process.

A Class Metal Finishers Pty Ltd can provide further advice on the high purity gold or silver plating processes.