Plastic parts can be chrome plated

Aug 27, 2010Uncategorized

A Class have been able to electroplate plastic parts for a long time – but traditionally it was only a specific material known as ABS plastic. Nowadays we can plate pretty much any type of plastic using newer methods. Since developing and extending our plastic parts plating capabilities to include non-ABS materials we have successfully chrome plated a large range of plastic parts with outstanding success in the quality of the results.

Everything from dashboard parts, to handles, flanges, trims and other fittings can be chromed.

Plastic parts can be chrome plated

Plastic chrome parts

Unlike older methods for achieving a chrome finish on non-metals, our new process bonds very well and has low surface imperfections.  We’ve received compliments all round on the results (thanks guys).  The process has opened up scope for chroming of just about any parts and is NOT limited just to Plastics – actually just about any material can be chrome plated!  Greg and staff would be only too happy to advise on the possibilities of this service – limited only by your imagination it seems!  (Other finishes, besides chrome – for example: gold, silver or nickel – are also possible for plastic items)