Religious Objects for Worship

Enquire about refurbishment, restoration, gold plating, silver plating, of Chalices, Cymbals or Worship objects for Church, Mosque or Chapel

Religious Objects for Worship

A temple, church, mosque or other place of worship may hold or use many metal items. From time to time these religious objects may require surface maintenance or even surface restoration, to keep them bright, clean, untarnished and in good surface condition. Examples include:

  • Altar items, candlesticks, candelabra, candelabrum
  • Chalices, cruets, trays
  • Lamps, lanterns
  • Plates, alms bowls, communion vessels, ciborium, custodia, patens
  • Baptismal fonts, incense burners, oil stocks
  • Water vessels, holy water stoups, aspergillum
  • Monstrances, tabernacles, statues
  • Gongs, cymbals, bells
  • Metal statues or sculptures
  • Many other items

Typically many of the above religious objects are made of silver, brass, gold, copper, bronze, nickel or other metals. A Class can assist you to keep your metal worship or ceremonial items in good order – often preventing the need to replace these often valuable items.  Most metal items require a level of surface maintenance to prevent rust, corrosion, tarnishing or other deterioration.

Processes or surface treatments used by A Class to restore your items may include electro-plating, metal surface repairs, soldering, metal stripping, metal polishing, lacquer or painting.

Religious Objects for Worship

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