Copper Plating

Copper is usually used as an “undercoat” in most common plating processes (e.g. “triple chrome” is copper, nickel then chrome plated) The colour of newly plated copper (salmon pink) makes it appealing as a metal colour alternative, however it tarnishes quite easily. A...

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A Class celebrates 20 years in business

A Class Metal Finishers (Pty Ltd) Celebrated our first 20 years in business in 2009. We feel like we’ve come a long way after starting up in 1989 with just 3 employees!  Couldn’t even count the amount of metal we’ve electroplated onto people’s products (in the...

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Gold Plating for industry (not just for Jewellery!)

Gold Plating can “Bling up” your Car and Motorcycle parts!I once saw a Barbecue that had a gold plated lid!! Now that’s extravagant, or so I thought, until one day while surfing the web I came across a pic of a car that was largely gold plated! Just goes to show –...

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