Electrical RF and Electronic Components Contacts

Do you require gold plating, silver plating or tin plating of electrical connectors, electronic or RF parts?

Electrical RF and Electronic Components Contacts

This category includes such items as Electrical connectors, Electronic components and Radio Frequency components.  Examples include antennas, antenna components, bus bars, connectors and more.

The surface of items like these may need to look good, but most importantly, the surface itself often has an important function in the performance of the parts.  Tin plating is often used to enhance conductivity, however Silver plating is an even better conductor – smoother, and is often used to finish the surfaces of high end / high quality / high tech components. 

Silver plating enhances electronic and radio wave conductivity. We silver plate some items (e.g. radio frequency or antenna parts) to 99.99 percent purity for maximum quality and performance in the field. This can be of significant benefit to manufacturers seeking to maximise the quality of signal receiving or transmission.

As a manufacturer of advanced electrical, electronic or RF products, you can rest assured of our capabilities, service and our quality.  We are quality assured and can provide plating thickness or purity certifications where applicable.  We look forward to working with you on your next product requiring tin plating, silver plating or, indeed, any other surface treatment!

Electrical RF and Electronic Components Contacts

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