Musical Instrument Refurbishment

Let’s get you ‘shining’ on stage again! Trumpets, guitar pieces, drum rims, more. Musical instrument refurbishment. (Metal parts only)

Musical Instrument Refurbishment

A Class Metal Finishers can assist with many metal refurbishment projects.  When seeking to refurbish a musical instrument there are a range of ways we can help:

  • Electro-plating (for example, chrome plating of drum rims or silver plating of woodwind instruments)
  • Metal polishing (for example of brass instruments such as trumpets)
  • Metal stripping, pickling or cleaning (for old metal surfaces which may be tarnished, rusted or corroded, or have paint residues)
  • Painting, lacquering or colouring (lacquering is often used to preserve the polished finish on brass or silver instruments)
  • Repairing (e.g. filling, soldering, welding or smoothing the metal surface)

If you’d like A Class to assist with your musical instrument refurbishment, it is preferred you dismantle the item and only send or bring us the parts/pieces requiring attention.  A Class has great capabilities in surface treatment, but not in assembling or disassembling musical instruments 🙂

Musical Instrument Refurbishment
Musical Instrument Refurbishment

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