Colour Finishing

Beautiful COLOUR finishing of metal parts, automotive, household or custom items

Colour Finishing

Metallic Colour Finishing – Plate the rainbow!! 

The metallic colour finishing process combines plating technologies with spray finishing technologies, to produce high quality and long lasting alternatives to the usual electroplated finishes like chrome or gold. The result of this “mash-up” of technologies are some amazingly bright, translucent and metal-like colour finishes – that are hard-wearing to boot! Call them “candy” colours or “rainbow colours” they’re colours – not just the gold, silver and copper hues we’re used to in the world of metal. Metallic colour finishes opens a world of possibilities to customisers, artists, designers and the quirky-at-heart. Colours available include Blue, Red, Black-Pearl, Gold, Green, Copper, Yellow and Purple (just like a rainbow!).

Uses for Metallic Colours:

These metallic colour finishes have a distinctly metallic, mirror shine – just like chrome. Enhance your bike, car or engine bay, custom car and motorcycle projects in these unique and irridescent colour finishes. Suitable for:

  • car parts
  • motorcycle parts
  • engine bay parts
  • wheels
  • trim
  • plastic parts
  • household fittings
  • serving ware
  • door furniture
  • many others (plus those we haven’t even thought of yet!)

Let your imagination run wild!