Trophies and Objets D’Art

Restoration or production finishing of trophies and unusual items in gold, nickel, chrome or copper

Trophies and Objets D'Art

Trophies and Awards:

Silver plating and gold plating of trophies is a speciality here at A Class. We’ve polished or plated many significant awards over the years – such as the Adelaide Cup (horse racing) and the PGA golf trophy.  Some customers ask us to remove engraving and refurbish old trophies so they can be awarded to new champions in their club.

We also provide volume processing of new trophies for manufacturers, or import agents.

We can also supply complete trophies or awards such as a gold spanner for the retiring mechanic, ground breaking shovels for your next big development or mining project, and more (see our sister store “Metal Effects” for what’s available)

Unusual or Quirky:

We’ve also been asked to electroplate (copper, chrome, gold, other) some weird things now and then. For example:

  • a baseball glove,
  • a straw wedding ring,
  • boar skull,
  • baby shoes 
  • and more

These kinds of items are obviously NON-metal items and require special coating and processing to metallise before plating.  If something is special enough to you, that you want it encased in a gold, silver or bronze finish for all time, do get in touch!

Trophies and Objets D'Art
Trophies and Objets D'Art
Trophies and Objets D'Art

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