Plating and Finishing Pricing and Quotes – Commercial work

For our commercial and manufacturing customers the more information you can provide about your job requirements, the better and more accurate your quotation will be. The Customer request for quotation form can be downloaded, completed and forwarded to us along with samples of your job. This simple form will assist you to think about your specific requirements and will help us get the pricing accurate for you.
If you prefer, you can simply call us or email us to discuss your job.

Pricing for Plating Services

We are often asked to quote prices by phone – for your benefit and ours, here’s why we prefer to avoid this: Where electro-plating is concerned, there are a number of variables involved in determining an accurate price. These variables include: batch quantities, number of parts per load, type of finish, thickness specifications, weight & handling issues, surface type or condition, part shape and other factors. Ultimately, once a suitable process is determined, the more parts we can fit in a load, the less it will cost the customer. This is where efficient racking or jigging can assist. Rack design is critical to both the efficiency (quantities) and effectiveness (quality) achieved. Cost can be significantly reduced through efficient rack design. Small volume batches may have to be wired onto hooks one under the other. This method is suitable to achieve plating specifications but limits the quantity per load therefore a much higher price usually follows.
Plating racks are designed by A Class and are manufactured and charged to the customer as ‘tooling’. The racks are usually a one off cost and can last from several months to several years depending on the frequency and type of use and product life cycles. The number of racks required will relate to both the quantity of parts to be processed and how quickly the parts need to be turned around for the customer. The process of planning rack design often identifies many other considerations for manufacturers – this is why it also pays to Involve A Class early on in your project!
Some parts for plating also require pre-polishing prior to plating. This of course depends on what your needs are but for example if your parts are cast brass and you want a high quality mirror like finish after chrome, then pre-polishing will be required (the end result can only be as good as the surface beneath).

So basically – the more information you can provide at enquiry stage, the more accurate our estimate or quotation will be. We can quote from scaled designs or drawings in most cases but usually prefer to see at least a prototype so we can assess surface condition, etc before confirming prices. Where volume polishing is concerned we will definitely need working samples, or will use your first order for time and process trials, before providing a firm price.

Pricing for Polishing Services

Metal Polishing is a labour and time intensive activity. In a nutshell, the price we charge you will be a combination of the quality result you require, the complexity of shape of the part, the metal type, the surface or substrate condition which all affect the polishing time. Materials and incidentals as well as GST also need to be covered. For ONE-OFF jobs we will often quote an estimate of time and you will be charged an hourly rate according to how long it takes and what materials get used. For production polishing work (volume or repeats of same item) we will do time and process trials to provide you a more accurate price up front. You will need to provide us samples of the parts to be polished as well as details about the finish or finishes you are seeking to achieve.

Pricing for Srpay Finishing and Other Metal Treatments

Like other labour oriented services spray finishing and other finishes or treatments will be assessed in terms of your needs – the more information you can provide us, the better. We are more than happy to work with you to identify your process needs from the wide range of surface finishing options we have available.

Price versus Cost

If you are a manufacturer you may well be interested in the “price” you are asked to pay to plate or polish an item. But how often do you consider the question of overall cost?

The price that you pay A Class to do your job may sometimes be a little more than elsewhere. But often, paying a little more for a quality finish results in lower overall costs of production. For example, let’s say you are paying your supplier $1 each to chrome plate your widgets and you are getting a scrap rate (unsuitable products) of about 10%. This mean it is effectively costing you $1.11 to plate each item. But then add to that – the cost of sorting, inspecting and transporting back the unsatisfactory items. Then possibly the cost associated with items you have sold that are returned to you as unsatisfactory – then what is the true cost? Other costs are the loss of market credibility (and sales) you suffer when less than adequate quality finds its way into your customers’ hands.

A Class we have a saying “Our Quest is our Customers’ Success!” This means we work closely with our customers to ensure you get what you need so you can put a good quality product out there to successfully sell to your customers. We can only grow our business by helping you grow yours! Worth thinking about?