Lights and Fixtures

Get a quote for coating or plating light fittings and fixtures in gold, nickel, chrome or copper

Lights and Fixtures

Light fittings and fixtures (metal) can be electroplated.  If gold lighting is your thing, we can electroplate your fittings / fixtures in gold. A range of options and finishes are available:

  • Polishing
  • Gold plating
  • Chrome plating
  • Silver plating
  • Copper plating
  • Painting, lacquering or colouring (metallics)
  • Refurbishment of old fittings
  • Plating of newly manufactured fittings
  • Antique copper (florentine bronze) effects
  • Other coatings or surface finishes

Feel free to browse below to check out some of the processes available.

Lights and Fixtures
Lights and Fixtures
Lights and Fixtures

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