Quote for Restoration or Custom Work

A Class does not provide fixed price quotations for Restoration related work. We will, however, provide you a reasonable ESTIMATE (see below). We do not usually quote fixed pricing for restorative work because the final price can vary, especially if your parts are old or if we are unable to accurately estimate the time required for polishing, repairs or other special treatments. Sometimes we can not tell the extent of treatment required until we remove or strip any old chrome, paint, rust or other plating from the surface and can see the bare metal (at which stage a cost has already been incurred).

Our initial estimate will be clearer if…
we can see your item/s. If you can’t bring or send the job for an estimate you could email us digital photos. If that is not possible, as long as you are able to describe your job clearly, a phone discussion can usually provide a good guide to the likely price range. We can confirm any verbal estimate when we see the actual job.

To obtain a Price Estimate you can:

Call us on (08) 8384 4331
Complete this brief online form Restoration Price Estimate Request Form
Drop in, with your job, to our workshop at 6 Waddikee Rd Lonsdale, South Australia 5160
OR (for mid North SA customers)…
Drop in to our AGENCY at Goode Restorations, 34 New Road, Clare, South Australia (08) 8842 3731
SEND the job to us for estimate and processing. Print and complete this customer work order form and send to 6 Waddikee Rd, Lonsdale, SA 5160, along with your job.

When your job is complete…
you will be charged the estimated price – plus OR minus any adjustments, according to the amount of resources or time required to complete it.

If you bring your job into us…
we cannot always give you your quote or estimate “on the spot”. If your job is made up of many parts you may need to leave them with us so we can assess the job and provide you the estimate at a later point. We try to provide estimates within 2 business days but in special cases this may take longer.

If you are remote and cannot bring your job in to show us…
we will do our best to estimate a price until we see your actual parts. (Or you can email us a photo). When the job arrives we will assess it and advise you of any variations to our initial estimate.

Delivery Costs

As we deal with customers from many regions of Australia we are unable to quote for courier or transport delivery charges – please contact your local provider for this. Our minimum postage and handling charge for small items is $10.

Chrome Quality Standards (relates to pricing of Restoration Chrome Work)

This information is provided to help you understand what is behind the final price of your job:
For Chrome Plating jobs (e.g. Restoration of Car or bike parts) we prefer customers to select the Quality Standard for your plating or polishing job as this helps determine the amount of work we need to do, and in turn the price of that work. Each ‘Quality Standard’ will attract a different level of pricing. Obviously the better the job, the more time, skill and resources are required.


A Class standard – expect Show or Concourse Quality!
Satisfaction Guaranteed. We will make it as good as it can be! (Note – being realistic we cannot actually make diamonds out of gravel – at least not without a few thousand hours to spare!!)

A Plus (A+) standard – expect High Quality Finish!
Usually Highly polished. May have very small imperfections, especially depending on the quality of the base material to start with. (Still a darn good job!)

A One (A1) standard – expect a Basic Good Job!
A basic polish after stripping prior to plating. (Don’t be surprised if A Class’s “Basic” looks better than other “Good” jobs you’ve seen)

Selecting the Right Standard:
If you show your bike or vehicle you will probably want the “A Class” standard which is our standard for show or concourse quality chrome. For this we will ‘work our butts off’ to ensure you get the best possible finish.

If you just want a basic chrome finish for your garage door handle then you’d probably select the “A 1” standard. This is your “basic good job”. We won’t bust our boilers over it and you’ll get the finish you want at a lower price.

For those jobs that are ‘somewhere in between’ we have our “A +” standard. Please note that we will process to “A +” standard unless you tell us to do otherwise.

Other factors that will influence price are: – the condition of the item (corrosion, pitting, etc), the size (the bigger they are the more space they take in a plating load but the less time to wire or jig) and shape of the item (the more complex the shape the more complex the preparation); or dents & scratches; the plating specification or finish required – gold costs alot more than chrome!!

Rest assured that we always do our utmost to give you the best price possible by choosing the most efficient methods of operation available to us to deliver you the standard of finish you require.

Repairs & other special preparations or treatments are priced separately.

Please be aware that old ZINC DIE CAST chrome parts are notorious for being of poor quality and difficult to restore. Every chrome restorer sees these jobs but not all will attempt to fix them due to the time, cost and skills required. At A Class we DO work hard to get these parts right for our customers and make the finish last. Restoring die cast chrome parts will cost more than a standard job and even so, there is still a risk we may do a lot of work, but the finish may still not be quite right (in a small percentage of cases). THE GOOD NEWS IS – A Class has developed new processing methods for treating problematic die-cast parts. These methods are continuing to improve the quality and reduce the risks of plating failures. See also the page on chrome plating of zinc die cast parts.