Estimating Prices for Restoration or Custom Work

This page provides more detail about the process of estimating your job (and one or two other things that may be good to know!).  If you don’t want the detail – SKIP straight to requesting an estimate. It’s quick and easy.

We do NOT usually quote FIXED pricing for restorative work because our actual costs can vary. Sometimes we can not tell the extent of treatment required until we remove or strip any old chrome, paint, rust or other plating from the surface and can see the bare metal (at which stage a cost has already been incurred).

Our initial estimate will be clearer if we can VIEW your item/s. We’ve made it easy for you to send us digital photos (simply attach the photo/s to your enquiry here). You can also, of course, bring or send your job to our workshop for an estimate. (If you send it, please be sure to enclose your full contact details – name, address, phone and email address).

In summary, to obtain a Price Estimate you can:

  • Complete the Restoration Estimate request form and attach photos of your parts (preferred)
  • OR…
    Drop in, with your job, to our workshop at 6 Waddikee Rd Lonsdale, South Australia 5160
    OR (for mid North SA customers)…
    Drop in to our AGENCY at Goode Restorations, 34 New Road, Clare, South Australia (08) 8842 3731
  • OR…
    SEND the job to us for estimate and processing at 6 Waddikee Rd, Lonsdale, SA 5160, along with your name, address, phone number and email address.
  • OR…Call us on (08) 8384 4331

When your job is complete…

You will be charged the estimated price – plus OR minus any adjustments, according to the amount of resources or time actually required to complete it. (Note – we require payment in full before releasing or sending your job to you).

If you bring your job in to us…

We cannot always give you your estimate “on the spot”. If your job is made up of many parts you may need to leave them with us so we can assess, and will provide the estimate at a later point. We generally try to provide estimates within 2 business days but there are exceptions. Larger or more complex jobs can take longer.

Acceptance of Estimate

We will ask you to ACCEPT the estimate before we proceed with your work. You will have the opportunity to read our terms and conditions before accepting.  Please communicate with us if you have any queries before accepting the estimate.

Delivery Costs

As we deal with customers from many regions of Australia we are unable to quote for courier or transport delivery charges – please contact your own provider for this. We usually use Australia Post for shipping of very small jobs and our minimum postage and handling charge for small items is $10.

Chrome Quality Standards

The price of your job can vary depending on the ‘quality standard’ of finish you require.
For Chrome Plating jobs (e.g. Restoration of Car or bike parts) we prefer customers to select the Quality Standard for your plating or polishing job as this helps determine the amount of work we need to do, and in turn the price of that work. Each ‘Quality Standard’ will attract a different level of pricing. Obviously the better the job, the more time, skill and resources are required.


A-CLASS standard – expect Show or Concourse Quality!
Satisfaction Guaranteed. We will make it as good as it can be! (Note – being realistic we cannot actually make diamonds out of gravel – at least not without a few thousand hours to spare!!)

A-PLUS (A+) standard – expect High Quality Finish!
Usually Highly polished. May have very small imperfections, especially depending on the quality of the base material to start with. (Still a darn good job!)

A-ONE (A1) standard – expect a Basic Good Job!
A basic polish after stripping prior to plating. (Don’t be surprised if A Class’s “Basic” looks better than other “Good” jobs you’ve seen).

Selecting the Right Standard:
If you SHOW your bike or vehicle you will probably want the “A Class” standard which is our standard for show or concourse quality chrome. 

If you just want a basic chrome finish for your garage door handle then you’d probably select the “A 1” standard. 

For those jobs that are ‘somewhere in between’ we have our “A +” standard. Please note that we will process to “A +” standard unless you tell us to do otherwise.

Other factors that will influence price are: – the condition of the item (corrosion, pitting, etc), the size and shape of the item (larger jobs take more space in a plating load, and use more materials. Complex shapes usually require complex preparation or jigging); dents & scratches; the plating specification or finish required (gold costs alot more than chrome!); and various other considerations.

Rest assured that we always do our utmost to give customers the best price possible by choosing the most efficient/effective processing methods and materials available to us, to deliver you the finish you require.

Repairs (e.g. welding, filling rust holes, dent knocking, etc) & other special preparations or treatments are priced separately.

Please be aware that old ZINC DIE CAST chrome parts are notorious for being of poor quality and difficult to restore. Every chrome restorer sees these jobs, but most will not even attempt to fix them – due to the time, cost and skills required to overcome issues and porosities – and still not achieve a good result. Thankfully, A Class has invested considerably in R&D to define processing methods that WORK for most die cast parts. Restoring die cast chrome parts at A Class will cost you more than a standard re-chrome job – but your parts will be given a new lease on life that is often just not possible for die-cast. You do need to be aware there IS still a small risk that we may do a lot of work, yet not be able to achieve a great finish, on every part – but unlike most in the industry we’re continuing to invest in the development and trial of other methods which will hopefully see results get even better with time.

See also the page on chrome plating of zinc die cast parts.