Silverware, Brassware, Jewellery Restoration

Restoration of household silverware, jewellery, household brassware. Make it new again! Servicing all regions of Australia

Silverware, Brassware, Jewellery Restoration

Restoration or Refurbishment of Household & Personal Metal Items.

Our workshops are capable of many different restorative and transformative metal finishes and treatments.  In addition to lots of automotive parts restoration, we refurbish items such as: Household Silver-ware, Brass-ware and other Metal Items. We can also give your jewellery or your bathroom tapware a makeover in a new metal finish.

Silverware Restoration

Many homes have old silverware or brassware tucked away somewhere, often not on display because it may be old and tarnished. We can give new life or purpose to old and tired metal items. In some cases we can even offer some alternatives for keeping them looking nice or reducing maintenance.

Silver plated items are usually either EPNS (electroplated nickel silver) or Brittania Metal (a pewter alloy). EPNS is generally straightforward to work with whereas Brittania metal is much softer and much greater skill is required to refurbish it. Silver items can also be colour treated to give a total change of look.  See also Colour Finishing.


Home renovation projects sometimes bring the need for a new finish on old household fittings.  For example – a “satin chrome” finish to spruce up some old brass door fittings, or maybe a switch from to gold plated tapware in the bathroom.  Chrome, Satin Chrome or Gold Plating finishes, can all be applied to items made of brass.

Of course, brass-ware can simply be re-polished back to a high lustre. Sometimes we add a protective clear lacquer to minimise tarnish and cleaning requirements.  Brass items can also be given a colour makeover. See Colour Finishing.

Jewellery Refurbishment

Renewal of old Jewellery is available. You could save hundreds on new jewellery by simply re-plating rather than re-placing! It is quite common for customers to bring old silver jewellery to be made-over in a gold-plated finish.  (Please note that watches must have workings removed before we can electroplate them. See your jeweller for assistance).