Dear customers

For your information and awareness, please be note the following special terms and conditions of placing your restoration, private or custom metal finishing job with us. These are not new, they are noted in noted in our estimates for restoration and custom work and before we can proceed with your job you will need to agree to these and other general terms.

(Please note – the terms discussed below are as at the time this article was written – 22 May 2020. Terms and conditions may have changed since then. Refer to your job documentation for the applicable T’s & C’s)

  1. Whilst every effort will be made to have your job completed by the estimated date it is subject to workload and any unforeseen difficulties in processing your job, or jobs ahead of yours.
  2. We can only estimate a price based on what we can see. Defects such as damage or corrosion may be found in unseen or non-obvious areas during processing. Such defects will usually be dealt with, without seeking approval from you, however it is important to understand that your final price may vary from the estimate given if we encounter such issues during processing. If it will add less than 25% more to the price, we will automatically proceed without your approval. If it will be greater than 25% more, we will contact you for approval before proceeding (Note – we will not contact you in relation to zinc diecast items – see point 3). If you decide not to proceed with the variation you will only be required to pay for the work completed up to that point.
  3. Deep corrosion treatment work will automatically proceed on zinc diecast items IF deep corrosion is found during processing. If this occurs, you will automatically be charged up to double the price estimated to complete the affected item/s.
  4. Your items must be delivered to us in fully dis-assembled condition, ready for us to process. We do not take any responsibility for dis-assembling, re-assembling or fitting your items. Items not dis-assembled upon receipt at our workshops will be returned to you to arrange dis-assembly.
  5. GST of 10% is payable on all metal finishing and related services or products provided by A Class.
  6. Jobs will not be released for collection or delivery until paid for in full. You can pay Online or via bank transfer, or, via cash Visa or Mastercard at the workshop.
  7. A Packaging & Handling fee, plus any applicable postage or freight, will apply to all items we arrange shipping for. Although you may request us to facilitate shipping, postage or delivery of your items, please note that liability for any loss or damage to your items rests with you whilst they are in transit, unless they are delivered via our company vehicle (local only).
  8. You may be charged a storage fee of 20% of final job price, per month (to a maximum of the invoice amount) if the job is not collected and paid for within14 days of A Class, or our representative, notifying or attempting to notify you at the address, email, fax or phone no. you provide us, that your job is ready (unless other arrangements have been clearly agreed by A Class).
  9. Jobs not paid for within 60 days of notification may be sold and proceeds used to offset all or part of your outstanding debt plus holding costs, interest or other charges owed to A Class (and we will pursue you for any shortfall).
  10. Jobs that are paid for, but not collected may also incur a storage fee and if not collected within 6 months may also be sold, and we wll forward you the proceeds of sale, minus our costs). We accept no responsibility for the reasonableness of the sale price of items sold in such situations.
  11. Whilst the utmost care is taken to protect your goods in our care and control, please be aware that your goods are accepted into our care at your own risk. If your items are rare or valuable please consider insuring them.